Research and Teaching

My main affiliation is with the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, or short "FH" (for the German word "Fachhochschule"). I have been with the FH since 2006, and focus on signal processing, rehabilitation, and 3d movement kinematics. More information about the research of me and my colleagues at the FH in Linz, Austria, is now available, under Check it out - you may be surprised about the amount of research that is done there!

In addition, I am habilitated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ("ETH Zuerich"), where I regularly have the chance to teach courses on "Computer Simulations of Sensory Systems". If you are interested in that topic, check out the wikibook on Sensory Systems that my students and I have put together.


Open Source Education

I believe that knowledge and education should be available to everyone. For this reason, I am in favor of an integrated educational system at the secondary level (in contrast to the outdated Austrian Gymansium). Also, to make information accessible I have started to provide open access to many of my lecture scripts:

And I am especially proud of the Wikibook on Sensory Systems that my Swiss students (ETH-Z and Uni Zurich) and I have put together.

by Thomas Haslwanter, last updated Feb-06, 2023